How To Create Multi OS in One Computer or Virtual Machine (VirtualBox) Using MasterBooter

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This book will explain step by step process of making multiple Operating Systems on one computerby using a different partition (primary and extended partition). You can use MSDOS, Linux Mint and Window simultaneously but have different partition so as not to interfere with each other.

The explanation starts from downloading a variety of necessary file and application, installation until the process control and secure your operating systems using MasterBooter.

In this book, you can learn how to use VirtualBox to Install any of Operating Systems.

You can see the video resulting from the merger of the multi os on the link below.

How to setup master booter

Hide one of the operating system from
masterbooter list menu

Hide masterbooter list menu


Hpflash1 -> download

mrboot -> download

nc -> download

part240 -> download

pm80 -> download

win98boot -> download

how to create multi operating system (dual operating system) in one computer or virtual machine (virtualbox) using masterbooter