Step by Step How to Make Multi Operating Systems (OS) in One Computer or Virual Machine (VirtualBox) Using MasterBooter

It’s very Amazing and wonderfull, how easy we make multiple operating systems in one computer now.

These few years I always use PowerQuest Boot Magic to handle many systems in one computer. for the MSDOS Operating System, I often use to solve the many problems of physical storages such disk partition creation and others. As for Linux I use to browse the internet and copy data between the HDD in large amounts (approximately 1 TB), which, if we use windows sometimes copy the data like stalled or requesting confirmation to copy the files from certain.

However, with the increasing amount of storage space, PowerQuest Boot Magic no longer able to handle the HDD capacity over 1 TB. so I was forced to keep using hdd with a capacity of 500 GB. With the MasterBooter then the problem could be solved.

In the book or ebook below, you will find a variety of tricks to make:

(1) Bootable USB stick using the MSDOS Operating Systems
(2) Installation of VirtualBox (
(3) Install MSDOS OS in one primary partition
(4) install windows on the first primary partition
(5) install Linux Mint on a logical partition
(6) install applications MasterBooter to exercise control over a wide variety of OS.

And you can see the result in these videos:

and you can get the book or ebook from below:

** paper book **

** ebook **;jsessionid=016059F7D430052064F3E3D3A3B2E7F8.prodny_store01-atgap08?ean=2940153217185

** this is a new update using register masterbooter with 4 OS **


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